Politically Correct “Terror”

I take issue with the broad use of the word “TERROR”. And by extension, I protest the government’s and the media’s use of the descriptor “TERRORIST” to those individuals and their ideology that, when it is boiled down to the lowest common denominator, are really soldiers of Islam.

The term “terrorist” has a secular ring to it. While gathering shock value in headlines or an anchor’s opening statement, it is nevertheless a term laden with political correctness. It absolves followers of Islam from addressing its problem from within. A mosque is where all Muslims commingle –  surely they must be suspicious of some of their brethren.

“Terror” is extreme fear, panic and anxiety to the level that its presence incapacitates normal people from rational behavior. “Terrorists”, we are told, are waging a “War of Terror” on America.

Is America incapacitated by fright?  We in America know we are not. But thanks to the media, to those who are plotting from some hovel in the Middle East, the notion that they are terrorizing America – bringing Americans to trembling knees – must be a source of great satisfaction. Even if it’s true only in the media. And it must be motivational for them. It probably helps recruitment to their cause.

So I implore the media and all the lip-flappers at their news desk microphones – STOP CALLING THEM TERRORISTS!

Call them “The Murderers for Muhammad”.

We are not sheep in America. Not only are we NOT shaking in fear. We are, in fact, armed and ready.


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