MLK’s Unrealistic Mountain

I always want to ask Black leaders and community organizers: “What is the end game? What is it that will finally, once and for all time, satisfy you and the racial malcontents? What exactly will it take for you to drop the grievances so we can all live in harmony?”

It these leaders were honest they would say it is unachievable. There is no such mountain. For if there were such a mountain, they would be out of work. No more power, no more money and no more soapbox.

And so it goes. And it will go and go and go. Baltimore rioters – when told that their police department and city hall are run by fellow persons of color, say “It’s the system. The system!” And the Black Mulsims, Panthers, politicians are the ones spewing this baloney, claiming the rioters who are destroying their own community are the victims!

Yes, life is hard. True it is that there is inequality in how we start out in life. But that’s not “the system”. That’s just “Life”. Yes the rioters are being victimized – victimized by their own Black brethren who stir the pot and wear silk suits.


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