The Perpetuation of the Racial Divide – It Will Never End

President Obama and outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder are leading the charge to alter policing methods that, as Holder states, will “help end racial profiling, once and for all. This new guidance will codify our commitment to the very highest standards of fair and effective policing.”

The implication, of course, among black leaders and the liberal media is that the Brown/Wilson encounter was 1.) Officer Wilson’s fault; 2.) due to Wilson’s alleged racial bias; and 3.) all police agencies have belief systems that devalue people of color.

That’s what they believe.

With skin color, there can be a knee jerk tendency to generalize. But there are so many layers to the human condition that there is a basic unfairness to such simplicity. I wonder, do most middle class blacks identify with Michael Brown? Do they identify with the inner city gangster culture? Are they proud or embarrassed by underwear displays or the “pimp roll” ambulation. Or are these negative stereotypes the albatross they can never shed.

I’m guessing these things cause consternation within middle class blacks and, in fact, causes them to assume that white folks and/or the police are unable to differentiate anything beyond skin color. Most people are more discerning that that. Personally, there is a differentiation in my wariness when in certain less secure situations I encounter a skinhead or a ghetto-garbed youth. That’s self-preservation, plain and simple. It’s instinctual.

Cutting through all the hyperbole of the Ferguson issue, it is the police profession that is getting abused by 1.) politicians who use this “us against them” meme to solidify the base; and 2.) the media, which sensationalizes these incidents and characterizes aggressors as underdogs.

Do middle class blacks fear the police? I’ll bet many do but not because of what is in the hearts and minds of police officers. There may be ingrained bias by blacks as to how the police in general view them. This may be at the heart of the lack of trust of the police.

Eric Holder likes to relate the story that years ago he was running in street clothes in D.C. and was stopped by a police officer. He claims it had to be racial. Years ago I was stopped twice by police for no apparent reason – once as a 16 year old driving my parents vehicle and a few years later while driving my van and having long hair. I am Italian/Irish & more (i.e. Caucasian). I took no offense … but I was a bit scared both times because I believed the police expected me to be perfect in every way and of course I’m not. And I knew it. To me, it was imperfection of my own character and nothing more that caused my trepidation.

What Holder misses is that when it comes to skin, it’s not the color – it’s the thickness.

From the bully pulpit occupied by Obama and Holder and the ‘Newspeak’ of the liberal media, more important is what is not said rather than what is said. And what is not said is this: Respect authority. Obey the law. Respect one another. But the hope to change the inner-city culture is daunting indeed. So it’s easier to just place the blame at the feet of the the newly coined “white privilege”. Guilty without any chance of proving innocence.

Cops do NOT want to shoot anyone! That’s the next to the last thing they want to happen. The last thing they want to happen is to not come home to their families.

This sense by many blacks (including the Obamas, Holder and the Black Congressional Caucus) that skin color is the primary defining characteristic in all human encounters may be the basis of the general racial grievance of blacks. And if that’s the case, THERE IS NO HOPE for humanity that racial friction will ever end. There will never be an end game – a sense of arrival that we are finally there – we are all equal in each others minds.


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