It’s Not Fair! I Feel Your Pain! Vote For Me!

You’ve heard the phrase “All things being equal …”. Practically speaking, all things are never equal. Even the letter of the law, where it is written that all men are created equal, resolves cases based on the varying facts and circumstances of each situation.

The Left’s rally cry about income equality ignores one very basic but important fact: discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion or age is illegal. Remedies already exist through the U.S. Department of Labor and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If you believe your employer is discriminating against you, file a claim with these agencies.

And if you think you are not being paid what you are worth, remember this: The brilliance of a free market economy is that you have the right to sell your labor wherever you want. That said, it is inevitable that some people will out-earn you. Maybe it’s because of experience. Or education. Or job knowledge. Or personality, attitude or who you know. Or just plain luck.

Granted, deep down it’s hard to swallow.

On a gut level, it’s easy to fall prey to the basic human unfairness that some there are some – very few, really – that have so much and so many – too many – that have so very little. That’s the essence of the victim mentality.

We are taught as children to say “That’s not fair” even before we understand the nuances of what is fair and what isn’t. If someone else’s ice cream cone had more sprinkles than mine, well “That’s not fair”.

But life is not an ice cream cone. There is serendipity to life that begins at birth. Born in America or third world? Born into a good family environment or not? Wealthy family or not? Good looks, physical prowess, high IQ? You get the idea. It’s not fair. But that’s the way it is.

Income inequality and wealth redistribution as political issues are not about fairness. They’re about envy. And it’s not about income – it’s about spending.

Think about it – people who make or has inherit lots of money don’t sit around counting and recounting the stacks of bundled bills. They spend it and when they do, it is returned to the economy where it provides income to businesses, which in turn provide jobs in the economy. Or they invest it and when they do, that investment helps some businesses grow which creates jobs.

Redistribution & income equality are plain hooey. Wealth is not hoarded – it is spent back into the economy. Over and over. That’s the difference between an economy driven by big government v. one driven by the free market. Big government seeks to redistribute wealth by PRINTING more and more money. The free market recycles wealth. In both cases, government skims off the top.


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